Sunday, November 12, 2006


a big thank you to the people who made this trip possible in first place and to all those people who made the trip a great experience.
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Thursday, November 02, 2006

day 180

km 19730
hoechst - day off
returning the bike box....

day 179

km 19730
somewhere over the atlantic - frankfurt - hoechst
riding on a bus for 24 hours, flying acros continents & over oceans without a problem but missing my connection after 30min on a german train!?

day 178

km 19730
halifax - day off
chilling in dartmouth

day 177

km 19730
halifax - day off
walking around halifax

day 176

km 19730
miami - halifax
bumpy flights due to alot winds over new york and halifax.
what a change from the hot & humid florida to the cool & windy nova scotia.

day 175

km 19730
jacksonville - miami
the second stretch of the 24 hour bus ride to miami.
another day of "social studies" on bus stations and the miami airport.

day 174

km 19730
walkertown - jacksonville
the first stretch of the 24 hour bus ride to miami.

day 173

km 19730
walkertown - day off
riding to kernersville and back to get some packing material.

day 172

km 19698
walkertown - day off