Friday, January 30, 2009

day 011 - km 1277

san ignacio - mulege
141km 1170 alti meter
headwinds until santa rosalita. so after cruising around in the old town of santa rosalita i used the winds to make some distance. RV park villa maria.... hot shower and internet! funny how the priorities change once you are a couple days on the road. ;-)

day 010 - km 1135

vizcaino - san ignacio
85,84km 402 alti meter
2 hours of heavy headwinds (bikers nightmare!)
but finaly in san ignacio checking out the museum, the chruch and the old town.

day 009 - km 1049

guerrero negro - vicaino
71,4km 172 alti meter
only a have day riding day with the fab 4 from alaska, after a whale watching boat-tour.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

day 008 - km 967

el rosarito - guerrero negro
80.39km 250 alti meter
only a have day of riding on a straight roads through the plains....
not very interesting...
rest of the day for maintainance....
washing cloth, real shower, shopping....
tomorrow maybe a little boattour with whale-watching...
yeah i am in tourist-mode!

day 007 - km 886

catavina - el rosarito
161,66km 1127 alti meter
again a cold night in the desert. i do not like the plains so i crank it up a little.
p.s. that is steve how i met "going" north

day 006 - km 724

el rosario - catavina
121.66km 1500 alti meter
the days in the desert start cold and with lots of uphills....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

day 005 - km 603

colonet - el rosario
126,48 km 724 alti meter
in the morning some nice riding in the flat.
afternoon the first 10% climbs (short but still hard with so much load)
now loading up some extra water to go the desert tomorrow.

day 004 - km 476

ensenada - colonet
121,85km 1289 alti meter
1300 meters of climbing and i cought my first little sunburn.
a nice camp with nuddles and campfire.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

day 003 - km 354

media camino - ensenada
ca.60km 697 alti meter
so after 2 nights of wild camping, today only a half riding day and a real campsite.
(with hopfully a hot shower and power to recharge batteries)

day 002 - km 284

solana beach - media camino
123,74km 898 alti meter
finaly in mexico....
the extra weight (spare parts, cloth, tools, food...) on this trip shorten my daily riding distance. the days are are really short so far (daylight from 6.30 to 17.00) and the baja california is quite hilly...

day 001 - km 160

anaheim - solana beach
126,58km 686 alti meter
(finaly in last minute most things worked out.
i got my new camera and the trailer arrived)
first day on the road again....

Thursday, January 8, 2009


bike serviced, packed and ready to go.....