Thursday, February 26, 2009

day 038 - km 3892

san juan tonaltepec - oaxaca
116,12km 1668 alti meter
the day started with what the last one ended.... climbing climbing climbing
back in a big city again... i guess i organise the most important stuff as usual and try to find my way out of here....
but first the "bonus" round up to monte alban (ads 14km and 300 meters of climbing)
a realy impressive site to see! after that the biggest tree in la tula... quite impressive!

day 037 - km 3775

coxcatlan - san juan tonaltepec
111,12km 2071 alti meter
a nice day on the road with not much trafic, but a hard and long climb in the afternoon.

day 036 - km 3664

cholula - coxcatlan
181,15km 677 alti meters
a long riding day (9hours) as the headwinds made the downhill not as enjoyable as they could have been. a very nice mexican road cyclist joined for a a couple kilometers and we had lunch together. a nice change of scenery, seeing the mountain range from the valley and the smell of grass, corn and sweetgrass.

Monday, February 23, 2009

day 035 - km 3432

cholula - day off
a little bit of resting and doing some serious tourist stuff.
checking out the pyramide, one of the 47 churches and the museum.
(a little sum up of the first cycling month 3000km and 30.000 alti meter)

day 034 - km 3428

cuautla - cholula
93,54 km 1396 alti meter
impressive view of the vulcano popocatepil, but what a cycling day!?
first 2,5 hours uphill, then 2,5 hours against amazing headwinds (aprox. 40-50kmh)
and at the end 2,5 hour uphill and bad headwinds!?

day 033 - km 3384

cacahuamilpa - cuautla
130,89km 1670 alti meter
after cruising around the really nice old district of cuvernavaca i decided to cycle a little further. funny how things turn sometimes out just great somehow... i found great friendly peopel how let me camp at a abonded house, just as the storm came with thunder, rain and lightning.

Friday, February 20, 2009

day 032 - km 3253

toluca - cacahuamilpa
121,88km 779 alti meter
afer a hot uphill a fast downhill droping 1000 meters in 20km.
(nice and sad at the same time, because i have to go up again...)
ixtapan de la sal is a nice place, but is kind of bizar to roll into such a rich place after seeing a old men working his field with a plow and 2 horses.
kind of bizar to stand at the edge of a deep canyon after that long downhill.
i joined a 2 hour tour in one of the largest dripstone caves of mexico,
with all kinds of stalactites and stalacmites. after that a impressiv show of thunder, lightning, heavy winds and rain. (especially as i had a dry camp at a hostel right by the cave entrance)

day 031 - km 3132

tuxpan - toluca
107,96km 1893 alti meter
again a hot riding day, but this indigo villages in the highlands are a real highlight. (the transport trucks blasting their smoke right in my face on the uphills not!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

day 030 - km 3024

morelia - tuxpan
123,47km 1521 alti meter
back in the mountains agian... what a climb, but the smell, the views....
getting a new tube & tire in cd hidalgo. a really nice town to chill and have a break.

day 030 - km 3005

morelia - cd hidalgo
105km 1300 alti meter
back in the mountains agian... what a climb, but the smell, the views....

day 030 - km 3005

morelia - cd hidalgo
105km 1300 alti meter
back in the mountains again. hard climbing but great view, smell...

day 030 - km 3005

morelia - cd hidalgo
105km 1300 alti meter
back in the mountains again. hard climbing but great view, smell

day 029 - km 2900

silao - morelia
155,17km 1166 alti meter
a hot and long day on dusty roads... so time for a hot shower and a night in a hotel.

day 028 - km 2745

en carnicacion de diaz - silao
130,70km 1057 alti meter

day 027 - km 2614

zacatecas - en carnicacion de diaz
170,19km 914 alti meter
back on the road again...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

day 026 - day off

zacatecas - day off
recharging batteries, washing cloth, internet, relaxing breakfast in a decent cafe, some more sightseeing....
(i guess i need another day off from all that walking!)

day 025 - km 2444

sain alto - zacatecas
141,37 km 1200 alti meter
some more rolling hills and headwinds / crosswinds.
8500 alti on 600km in 6 days, i guess it's time for a day off....
and zacatecas seems to be a perfect place for that. nice old historic mining town.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

day 024 - km 2303

durango - sain alto
127,44km 1332 alti meter
some more rolling hills....
lunchbreak with some people from a circus touring mexico.
(poor animals!)
cruising around the really nice town of sombrerete

day 023 - km 2175

llano grande - durango
111,57km 799 alti meter
out of the mountains and into the rolling hills again.
- 3 degrees celcius at night, 45 degrees in the midday heat of durango.
sometimes hard to cover that rapid temperatur changes.
first time someone sang a serenade for me! (well, they were school-kids and they wanted money for it, but hey... at least a serenade!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

day 022 - km 2050

el espinoza del diabola - llano grande
101,05km 1455 alti meter
i ran out of gas for my stove last night, so just sandwiches for dinner.
my legs feel empty, but still some hills to climb today.
(highest peak 2816 meter)
up at the mountains you could get the impression of being somewhere in canada.
forests and here and there some huts from lumberjacks.

day 021 - km1962

copala - el espinoza del diabola (wirbelsaeule des teufels)
78.61km 2625 alti meter
i traded...
the rolling hills to serious mountains
the salty smell of seawater to the smell of pine woods
the nice ocean views to amazing mountain views
the campsites at nice beaches to small stone sites in the cold mountains
the company to the solitude
what a day, what a climb!?!?!?!
7 hours uphill....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

day 020 - km 1855

mazatlan - copala
79.11km 918 alti meter
back on the road again....
it is more humid here then on the baja, so even if it is a little cloudy, the climbs will make you sweat....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

day 019 - km 1804

la paz - mazatlan
20km 150 alti meter
i really recommend taking the tcm ferry! not only because of the price.
on board is basic but what more do you need!? shower, toilets, passenger seating (for about 100 persons, airplane like)
the 2 meals are included (you get 2 tickets for that with your boarding ticket) also basic (rice, beans, tacos and some sort of meat for dinner and
beans, tacos, eggs with sausage for breakfast)
the meals are served at the little on board restaurant / kiosk between 17-18 respective from 7-8.
the cool thing about the ferry is that it is authentic!
(no RV, no other tourists... just you and trucker and a few people in cars.)
cool is also that you have access to your bikes at all times!
sleeping is also possible either in the passenger-room or more or less anywhere on deck. (i did so with some trucker right infront of the life-west boxes, that is on the back and off the wind)

day 018 - day off

la paz - day off
some more chilling at the pension california...... ;-)

day 017 - day off

la paz - day off
chilling at the pension california......

Thursday, February 5, 2009

day 016 - km 1784

el cien - la paz
100,01km 688 alti meter
again great fun on the road with lots of flat tires, which brought some changes to the boring scenery. biker-gathering at the motel california... parker from oregon, michele from switzerland...

day 015 - km 1684

ciudad constitution - el cien
122,47km 413 alti meter
the scenery was kind of boring, but having a great fun riding with anna, alister, hiro and nobu! thanx guys!

Monday, February 2, 2009

day 014 - km 1564

loerto - ciudad constitution
150km 944 alti meter
really nice climbing in the morning! straight plains in the afternoon at 40° but at least some tail winds. meeting some more bikers....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

day 013 - day off

loreto - day off
first day off since the tour start!?
hiro was laughing at me as i told him that i did 1400km with no day off.
... so i take a day off, before the tough hills and promised headwinds again.
walking around the old town (market, mission, harbour, street cafes...)

day 012 - km 1414

mulege - loreto
137,03km 1297 alti meter
after a long day of rolling hills, finaly a place to refill.
having a nice chat with hiro & nobu from japan at the campground.
they are on a 2 year experience from alaska to argentinia.