Friday, July 31, 2009

day 193 - km 12958

puente san juan (chavanillo) - huanuco
73.99km 692 alti meter
nice climb up to the corona de inca at 4000m and then a 40km downhill on hard rock/gravel roads, before we finaly reached paved road 5km before huanuco.

day 192 - km 12884

la union - puente san juan (chavanillo)
58.72km 955 alti meter
the big gold fever might be over, but some still have a little high temperature.
in every little village are parties because of the independence day perus.
as much as we look at the landscape and the people, some people are really interested in way we "live on the road".

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

day 191 - km 12825

highcamp @ 4650 - la union (huanuco viejo - cochobamba)
highest point on the bike so far 4886 meters!
i got a little better adjusted to the hight, so biking was a little easier.
AMAZING mountain views!

day 190 - km 12756

rio pachacoto - highcamp @ 4650m aprox. km 40
32.53km 944 alti meter
i thought that the difficulties on this route will be the climbing on dirt roads,
but the most problems i had were the temperatur and the elevation. the road gets a little better after the first pass at 4823m. -6 degrees C and high altitude cause not much sleep for me. above 4000 meters i get problems breathing and i have to take the cycling easy.

day 189 - km 12723

huaraz - rio pachacoto (7km after dirtroad turnoff)
50.07km 943 alti meter
so many different ways of traveling!? (emanuel from france)
nice paved road to the turnoff, then rough loose gravel, but not to steep.
last option to stock up with power food for the big pass (candy & chocolate).

Sunday, July 26, 2009

day 188 - day off

huaraz - day off
recovering from the 4 day hiking trip and getting ready to get back on the bike tomorrow. meeting some others of the crazy cycling community to share thoughts and pictures.

day 187 - hiking trip santa cruz

cachina pampa - vaqueria - yungay - huaraz
the last 2.5h hike to vaqueria where we catched a minibus to yungay.
snowfall at the top (4700m) before the road drops on 32 switchbacks to the lagunas.
after 3.5h in the minibus another 1.5h in a collectivo to huaraz.

day 186 - hiking trip santa cruz

highcamp 4500m - cachina pampa
aprox. 13km hiking 4508m - 4775m - 3655m
highest point of my travel so far after a freezing cold night (-5°C)

day 185 - hiking trip santa cruz

llama corral - highcamp 4500m
aprox. 15km 800 alti meter from 3777m to 4500m
nice mountain lakes and great views of snow peak mountains.
(coca leaves in the plastic bag)

day 184 - hiking trip santa cruz

huaraz - caraz - cashapampa - llama corral
3h taxi / collectivo ride to cashapampa and then the first 10km and 900 alti meter hiking from 2945m to 3777m.

day 183 - km 12673

mancos (rio santa)- huaraz
46.57km 818 alti meter
after a nice camp at the river a short riding day to huaraz to get things organised for the hiking trip.

day 182 - km 12626

huallanca - mancos (rio santa)
61.65km 1268 alti meter
nice ride through the canyon del pato with its 35 tunnels and great views!

day 181 - km 12565

yuramarca - huallanca
12.37km 203 alti meter
lots of gravel roads, losts of climbing, lots of amazing canyon views, lots of tunnels, lots of fun riding in a group of 11 people....
a short riding day, as it got to hot to ride (50°C)!?
so instead some icecream and a rooftop dinner.

day 180 - km 12552

chuquicara - yuracmarca
55.54km 1000 alti meter
hard rock&roll gravel roads and the first aprox. 10 tunnels.

day 179 - km 12497

chao - chuquicara
73.37km 856 alti meter
i think i have seen all of the panamerican highway in peru that i wanted to see after only 60km and we take the turnoff to the dirtroad, which leads us up from the desert to hopefully nice canyons.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

day 178 - km 12423

trujillo - chao
80.59km 482 alti meter
riding out of trujillo in a almost critical mass size group (13 persons!?) and doing a little detour to see the pyramids of the sun & the moon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

day 177 - day off

trujillo - day off
getting the bikes ready for the comming riding days

Sunday, July 19, 2009

day 176 - day off

trujillo - day off
waiting for my rear rim and meeting some more cyclists at lucho´s casa de ciclista.

Monday, July 13, 2009

day 175 - day off

trujillo - day off
good fairwell to damian and franziska who left after the big photoshoot-tradition.

day 174 - day off

trujillo - day off
good fairwell to claire who left after the big photoshoot-tradition.

day 173 - km 12343

yamabamba - trujillo
88.56km 311 alti meter
some gravelroads before reaching the paved road to trujillo,
where we met some more cyclists in the famous casa de ciclista of lucho.

day 172 - km 12254

cushuro - yumabamba
73.20km 1131 alti meter
first time riding my bike (and household) over 4200 meter and passing the leftovers of last nights hailstorm.

day 171 - km 12181

marcabal - cushuro
57.69km 1070 alti meter
more climbing on gravel/sand roads

day 170 - km 12123

la grama / rio cajamarca - marcabal
51.57km 1274 alti meter

Saturday, July 11, 2009

day 169 - km 12072

cajamarca - la grama / rio cajamarca
93.99km 1218 alti meter

Monday, July 6, 2009

day 168 - day off

cajamarca - day off
getting bike and gear ready for some more rough mountainroads.
(bike cleaned, rear brake fixed, rear rim is messed up a little but has to do it for another couple thousand kms, after walking 4 times to the store i finally have a new battery-charger which seems to actually work...)

day 167 - day off

cajamarca - day off
recharging batteries and uploading the blog

day 166 - day off

cajamarca - day off
recharging batteries and uploading the blog

Friday, July 3, 2009

day 165 - km 11997

15km after celendin - cajamarca
92,54km 1060 alti meter
one more pass up to 3760 meters with more amazing mountain views.
35km before cajamarca to something i haven´t seen for a "long" time
- paved road -
i tried to break the distance / elevation from el tingo to cajamarca into doable portions. this is a little difficult with inaccurate maps and road descriptions but worked out quite well.

day 164 - km 11884

choloqui (half way camp) - 15km after celendin
52.60km 1621 alti meter
2nd part of the climb to 3100 meters before dropping down to celendin at 2600 meters. in celendin i met the people from "orange" a b&b again, who offered help / informations in leymebamba and later in balzas. (

day 163 - km 11831

choloqui (half way camp) - 15km after celendin
90.61km 1449 alti meter
what a day on a rollercoaster!? up to 3500 meters and then a 60km downhill, dropping 2600 meters to the rio maranon and then up again, starting the 55km climb to the next pass at 3100 meters.

day 162 - km 11831

el tingo - km 408 high camp 15km after leymebamba
64.38 1372 alti meter
after leymebamba we leave the river and head for the mountains.

day 161 - day off

el tingo - day off
just hanging out at the river, watching some locals collecting driftwood...

day 160 - hiking day

el tingo - kuelap - el tingo
20km 1200 alti meter
a 10km uphill hike on which we passed some indigenous people carring goods on horses. interesting ruins on the mountain top in a cloud forest area.
we hitched some rides on the way down on the 37km long mountain road.
on this occasion we met some other travelers i saw a couple days ago in a bus stuck in the mud before the peruvian border.

day 159 - km 11676

rio utcubamba - el tingo
86.51km 1329 alti meter
amazing canyon views and a nice ride along the river.

day 158 - km 11590

san agustin (jean aerport) - bella vista - rio utcubamba
95.02km 941 alti meter
the dirt road cut off over bella vista saves maybe some km´s and the passing through jaen, but it´s not that amazingly scenic (so not sure if it´s worth it)
nice river and canyon views.

day 157 - km 11495

san ignacio - san agustin (jean aerport)
94.94km 946 alti meter
nice views of the river and ricefields.

day 156 - km 11400

namballe - san ignacio
43.44km 1328 alti meter
trying to get organized in a new country. with difficulties as the only ATM in town is broken... finaly got some cash with my visa card after a couple attempts.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

day 155 - km 11356

31km before zumba - namballe (peru)
43.44km 1328 alti meter
again had a great camp at a school and some more steep rollercoaster gravel/sand/dirtroads to the borader and into namballe.